There is Something in the Air in Prince Albert (2007)
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Ontwerp: -SYB-
Tekst: Craig McEwan (Eng)
ISBN: 978-3-936859-49-2
© Cuny Janssen 2007
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30 pagina's
37,7 cm x 25,5 cm x 1 cm
Alle foto's zijn gemaakt in Prince Albert, Karoo, Zuid Afrika in 2005

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In 2005 Cuny Janssen went to the isolated village of Prince Albert in South Africa to make portraits of children within their everyday environments, combining these with richly detailed photographs of the natural landscape they are surrounded by. She wanted to see for herself how life looked like 15 years after the Apartheid, but finally focussed on the fascinating ancient landscape that surrounded the village and that influences the life and identity of the people that live in it.
The only thing in the final series that could refer to the vestiges of apartheid that still shape South African politics and society is the title: There Is Something In The Air In Prince Albert. But it could also refer to the eagle that flies in the sky.
Poem that introduces the series in the book,
by Craig McEwan:

Rock Ridge Skylines of barking Baboons threatening
Dry White Thorns, Bright and Shiny Black Ants
Burnt Brown Rocks, Succulent Pink Aloes
Dark nights and high winds
Mountain top and Leopards cave
Decayed rockface falls, Eagle Eyes watching
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