Humans&Individuals, Projektraum Fotografie/F2 Dortmund 2021

In her work, Cuny Janssen combines portraiture with landscape  photography. This practice runs through her entire work and her travels  around the world. She puts man and nature into dialogue and shows  image by image in her own special way what shapes the life of her  protagonists.  Janssen’s photographic approach relies on living together with the people  she portrays – in their home and neighbourhood. The photographer  virtually becomes part of the families she encounters.


Through this  proximity she gets deep insights into everyday life in various places like  India, Iran, Japan or even her hometown Amsterdam. It is important to  her to remind us, that despite all differences, there is more that unites  people than separates them.  Throughout the years, Cuny Janssen turned more and more towards  children in her photographic reports. Thus there are a lot of potraits of  very individual young people, which only seem to be recorded randomly  at first glance. A closer look at the images reveals the artist‘s meticulous  preparation and her focus on the smallest details.


When it comes to presentation, books are of huge significance for her  photographic work. Janssen’s elaborately featured books are stilistically  and conceptually edited in accordance with the specific project she is  working on. The small print runs leave her a lot of freedom in terms of  design and enable exceptional and intricate forms of realization. Thus, the  exhibition not only displays a selection of Cuny Janssen’s photographies,  but includes the variety of her books as well.  
F2Dortmund 2021

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